february 20th: knappuccino's IX

Saturday, February 21st was Knappuccino's IX-- what a show!

Was it because my friend Mark was in town all the way from Arizona? Was it Joe Trainor giving off mushball vibes? Was it the young fresh faces rockin' the house? Was it Turnizzle and Liz cranking through a Janis Joplin tune? The world may never know what made Saturday night so cool.

Chris Turner kicked things off with a super-fun set and got a little help from his galpal Liz and her amazing lungs (I promise I will learn her last name some day!). Kris Szupa took our first featured slot of the evening with his upbeat cool-o-matic set. Next up we had the synergistic JJ Booker and Pete Nellius from Long Walk Home grace our stage-- my, my, how we love those boys...   In an unprecendented move, Jill Knapp (yours truly) sang some songs for the dumped with help from the talented Chris Ghiorzi and Joe Trainor (strangely enough, she did not sing Song for the Dumped... but we'll see how she's feeling in May for the all-covers show.. ha ha).   Joe Trainor earned The Best Boyfriend Award by calling his girlfriend before he debuted a new song he wrote for her. (Awwwwwwwwwwww!)

MP3s will be posted soon!

Our next show (March 20th) is already booked with an amazing lineup, so mark your calendars!   Be sure to check out "who's playing next?" to see who's on when.

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