february 26th: knappuccino's XIX

Saturday, February 26th opened the Knappuccino's doors after a two-month hiatus. Wheee!

Special thanks to our rockin' Master of Ceremonies, Matt Casarino, for running the show while I was out on the left coast! By all reports it was a great night. Kicking off the night was the lovely and talented Kris Szupa, who always entertains us with his emo-esque version of the Prince of Bel Air. Who doesn't love that??   Next up was the guy we love to hate because he rocks so ard, Mr. Nakajima, Mr. Pat Nakajima. It's been such a treat watching his songwriting and performance style mature over the past year. Last but by no means least was PJ Bruno, who graced our stage last year in a 15-minute slot and graduated to our coveted and well-earned closing position. I look forward to hearing more of his stuff!

If anyone snapped photos from that night's gig, please email them to me using the link below.

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