march 19th: knappuccino's XX

Ah, it felt good to be back. I haven't personally hosted a Knappuccino's since November of last year, so it felt really wonderful to hear the great music, meet new folks and to see old friends.

The evening started off with coffeehouse newbie Orion, in our featured performer slot. He's got a neat website you can check out here. Our first headliner was an old friend, Will See, who has just released a fantastic new CD called Premonition. Go to his website and pick up a copy-- it's terrific. I could listen to Will play all day-- his stuff geuninely moves me.   Up next was another Knappuccino's newcomer Mira Dale, who charmed us with her Erin McKeown-esque voice and catchy, quirky, well-crafted songs. Closing up shop was everyone's favorite half of a four-guy band, JJ and Pete from Long Walk Home. These guys get better and better every time I hear them-- they are so inspiring to me, and they give me hope that the future of music is in very, very capable hands. :-)

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