march 20th: knappuccino's X

Saturday, March 20th was Knappuccino's X - a show of peril, and spa treatments :-)

Let me just start off by saying that despite the night being somewhat cursed (advertising not getting into the Online 55-Hours database or to the JCS dist list, the coffeepots being locked away until 6:45pm, Will See popping a string, Joe trainor frying his hand off thanks to a falling candle), the show was filled with wonderful music and very good vibes. We shall overcome!

Pat Nakajima blew us all away as per usual with a fantastic set of mostly originals and great covers. Jim Walker graced our stage with the first featured slot of the night and played us his guitar-based originals. Next up, Will See pulled us all in with his fantastic set of perfectly-executed songs that paint super-vivid pictures. Like a bullet out of the west, Matt Casarino leaped set timeslots like a guitar superhero, filling in with nary a flinch when Will had to do a quick string change. He finished out his set with well-timed patter and two great songs.   Joe Trainor rocked the house in his usual style, and finished out his set without a sport coat and considerably softer hands.

MP3s will be posted soon!

Our next show (April 17th) is already booked with a rock-solid lineup, so mark your calendars!   Be sure to check out "who's playing next?" to see who's on first (What's on second, I Don't Know Who's on third, Today's pitching, Tomorrow's catching, yadda yadda yadda...)

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