april 17th: knappuccino's XI

Saturday, April 17th was Knappuccino's XI - a show of youthful magic and a birthday :-)

What a show!

It was a wonderful way to spend a birthday. We had a great crowd, fantastic music, good vibes, ring pops and speedy cleanup, to boot. :-)

Kris Szupa kicked off the evening's festivities with his swoony voice and uber-coolth. Jake Michael and BJ Sarkissian graced our stage in the first featured slot of the night. We enjoyed their guitar-based originals and tenorriffic tones and watching them play with their hooter (in a church, no less!). Next up, Pete and JJ from Long Walk Home did their usual magical thang and played a great Ween in honor of my birthday (yay!). Shawn Trainor, another Knappuccino's newcomer, played his awesome and introspective guitar-based originals. He also did his Knappuccino's duty by breaking a guitar string- Knappuccino's wouldn't be Knappuccino's if we finished the night with 6 intact strings.   Pat Nakajima finished up the evening rockin' the house like he always does.

Our next show celebrates the one-year anniversary of the coffeehouse. It's booked up solid with Knappuccino's regulars who are participating in our first annual "I Wish I Wrote That Song" night, which is an all-covers show. Click on "who's playing next?" below for more details.

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