april 23rd: knappuccino's XXI

If you have a LiveJournal account, you might have caught what I posted about this night's show when I got home at 2am. I couldn't contain myself! I wrote: "Tonight was the best Knappuccino's EVER. It was a giant, giant mountain of "Holy crap, yes!!!" All of the performers were on FIRE tonight, I don't think I stopped smiling, bouncing, nodding, appreciating, beaming, loving, absorbing for the whole three hours. I would have given absolutely anything in the world for everyone I know to have been there to experience it (especially [info]drjohn, but he was up to some amazing stuff himself tonight). Seriously. Just so absolutely incredible. Thanks to [info]dreamzinerocker for introducing me to Tommy Murray and his amazing talent and genuine beautifulness.

Tonight's show embodied what Knappuccino's is all about: absolutely fantastic music played by thoughtful and creative musicians, witnessed and molecularly appreciated by a mindful, bright, attentive audience. Interaction, support, warmth, laughs, connection, magic. True artistic exchange. Very powerful stuff."

The evening started off with Knappuccino's newcomer Tommy Murray, whose performance was so powerful-- we just sat there with our mouths open, nodding in amazement. Tommy is a fantastic guitarist, a super-strong singer, and a riveting songwriter. I don't think I can use enough superlatives here. In the middle slot was Pat Nakajima, who has simply never sounded better. His performance was effortless, super-groovy as always, and teeming with raw talent. It's such a pleasure watching his performance style solidify as he continues to grace our stage. In the coveted final slot was Matt Casarino, who sadly played Knappuccino's for the last time, since he's unable to play next month's covers show. Matt played his expertly-crafted songs and drew us all in; again, I don't think I've ever seen or heard Matt sound better. His music just takes you on these incredible four-minute journeys, with each tune resonating on a very deep level. You have no choice but to hang on every word. In a bittersweet moment, he finished his set with the song he played at the very first Knappuccino's ever, where he was the first performer ever. Rumor has it I got verklempt, but I will neither confirm nor deny.

A simply amazing night.

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