June 26th: knappuccino's XIII

Saturday, June 26th kicked off our summer "two and two" format, which showcases two headliners and two featured artists. The audience feedback was terrific thanks to the great talent on our stage that night!

Starting off the night is a Knappuccino's Newcomer, PJ Bruno, who wowed us with insightful lyrics and a great booming voice. Up next was our first headliner, Brene Wilson who also graced our stage for the first time. His songs are hook-filled and infectious, and he is so clearly in love with what he does because he does it so well. In our second featured slot of the evening, Tony Allen got down with his bluesy self and showed us how to multitask, guitar/harmonica style! Cleaning up the night was our favorite Brian Turner, to whom I owe everything... or at least a kidney.

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