october 23rd: knappuccino's XVII

Saturday, October 23rd brought repeat performances from some of my favorite Knappuccino's musicians.

Kicking off the night was Paul, Louise and Claire1 (ya gotta say it fast, like paullouisenclaire), giving us their way-too-much-fun folky snarkiness coupled with honed musical chops. Up next in the center slot was Brene Wilson, who just rocks... he gets these awesome grooves going on and you can't help but bob your head or bounce in your chair. He is an absolutely outstanding guitarist with powerful lyrics, and also just a really nice guy, to boot. Closing up shop was the Birthday Boy, Chris Turner-- simply stated, he made us laugh with his fun songs like "Jason Kokosinski" and "Bonita Esquire," and he made us all cry our heads off with his moving rendition of "What a Wonderful World."

1 Attention grammarians: Would it be "Kicking off the night were Paul Louise and Claire" or "Kicking off the night was Paul Louise and Claire"? I can't decide. Like, "Paul Louise and Claire" is a collective name, so I figure it's singular, and should therefore get the singular verb form "was". But I'm not sure. Help?

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