november 20th: knappuccino's XVIII

Saturday, November 20th welcomed two new artists to our stage, and brought back our muse.

Instead of playing in the foyer, we moved it into the main part of the church for this one night only. I thought it was kinda cool!

Kicking off the night were Briz and Dennis, who played amazing original songs which told great stories and painted vivid pictures of life experiences. To learn that Briz owned a deli instantly makes him a favorite, considering how much we love food. :-) Grabbing the middle slot was Ken Shiles Band, also gracing our stage for the first time. KSB not only brought our first djembe to our stage, but they also broke the evening's mandatory guitar string. Holding the coveted closing slot is our Knappuccino's Muse, Brian Turner, who rocked out with his socks out, as per his usual.

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