December 20th: knappuccino's VII

Saturday, December 20th was Knappuccino's VII and we filled the bill with newcomers!

Opening the evening in a slightly-expanded featured slot was Linda Walker, who is the first chick (other than Jill) to grace the Knappuccino's stage. She played some keyboard-based Christmas classics and some cool originals, too. In our next featured slot, we were riveted by the powerful voice and mad piano skills of Steve Weatherman, doing some wintery songs and high color originals. In our headliner slot, we welcomed JJ Booker and Pete Nellius from Long Walk Home who brought a legion of well-deserved fans-- these guys are simply unreal. Closing out the Knappuccino's year was our favorite coversmith, Frank Bartkowski who regaled us with songs we love interspersed with stories of his boys. A great time was had by all!

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