June 28th: knappuccino's II

Saturday, June 28th was our sophomore evening, and it was joyous and warm!

There were only a few empty chairs remaining, which we attribute to the bulked up advertising and Joe Trainor's entourage. Patrons were caffeinated, well-fed, entertained, and, well, only slightly shvitzy.

Opening the evening for his second time around was the always exceptional Matt Casarino, who kept his guitar strings intact and audience in awe. Nick D'Argenio held the Featured Performer slot, and he did more than a serviceable job (that's an inside joke. Seriously, Nick did a great job, and I hope to book him again!)   Next we had a Knappuccino's newcomer (no, I won't spell it "knewcomer" so don't even suggest it, you dork) Joe Trainor who left us speechless with his frikkin' AMAZING piano skills, powerful songs and fantabulous voice. Holy crap, I say!   Cleaning up shop was the Knappuccino's Muse, the shoeless Brian Turner.

Mp3s coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. (How does one peel an eye? Discuss.)

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