August 23rd: knappuccino's III

Saturday, August 23rd was our third crack at this, and again, it was quite smashing.

The night was cool and breezy, the patrons were well-caffeinated and smiling... who needs more than that?

Opening the evening was Knappuccino's Newcomer Joe Testa, who led us through one set of mind-blowing chord progressions and lyrics after another. Holy crap, can this guy play a guitar. In the featured performer slot was the always popular Matt Casarino, who even brought out a guest performer (Steve Weatherman) for Krapp's first-ever piano/guitar thing. Way, way, way cool. In the middle slot was Chris Turner, doing mostly originals and super-cool spins on a few covers (gotta love his rendition of The Cars' "You Might Think," who knew the song was so bittersweet?). Cleaning up shoppe was Joe Trainor who again, brought thunderous applause to our four walls. Frikkin' unreal.

Mp3s coming soon, but of course, I said that last month, too.

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