September 27th: knappuccino's IV

Saturday, September 27th was Knappuccino's IV (these are beginning to sound like Chicago albums) and it brought fresh meat to our stage.   Mmmmmm... meat...

Opening the evening was Knappuccino's Newcomer Mr. Skip, who started his set off with some of his standard kid-songs to get us warmed up and touching our respective noses. Then he moved through some awesome original Beatles-esque pop tunes which were absolutely riverting-- holy crap, does this guy know how to write a song!   In the middle slot was the effervescent Frank Bartkowski, doing his super-cool spins on his covers (though rumor has it he's been penning some originals to try-- can't wait!) Cleaning up shoppe was Brian Turner -- Knappuccino's just wouldn't be Knappuccino's without him.

Beth and Chris succumb to Skip's will Jill, Maddie and Chris rock out
Mp3s coming soon, but of course, I said that last month, too.

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