About Knappuccino's Coffeehouse

Knappuccino's Coffeehouse was the brainchild of Jill Knapp, a Bellefonte musician, who was frustrated by the lack of hip, quiet venues for songwriters to play their music to attentive audiences. "Local musicians have so much to say, and often bars and commercial coffeeshops are too loud to hear and feel what the artist is trying to convey. I wanted to give musicians the respectful venue they deserve."

Despite what you might think, "respectful" and "attentive" doesn't equal stuffy-- it just means people are paying more attention to the performers than they are to playing quarters. :-)   Patrons are respectfully asked to keep conversations limited to outside the listening area so as not to distract the performers or audience members.

Coffee, tea, cold beverages and homemade treats were lovingly served on the cheap and are part of the sensory experience. Experts agree: Music sounds better when you're caffeinated.

The coffeehouse was held at St. David's Episcopal Church, though it wasn't affiliated with the church in any way; we just rented the space. Depending on the performers, we either played in the stone foyer or in the sanctuary itself (the church-part of the church).

After an awesome two-year run, Knappuccino's Coffeehouse closed its doors on June 18, 2005.

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