Check out our last shows!

Opening night: Saturday, May 10th, featuring Matt Casarino, Chris Turner, Brian Turner and Frank Bartkowski.

Sophomore show: Saturday, June 28th, featuring Matt Casarino, Nick D'Argenio, Joe Trainor and Brian Turner.

Our Thoid Thang: Saturday, August 23rd, featuring Joe Testa, Matt Casarino, Chris Turner and Joe Trainor.

Numero Quattro: Saturday, September 27th, featuring Mr. Skip, Frank Bartkowski and Brian Turner.

Five-spot: Saturday, October 25th, featuring new dad Frank Bartkowski, A.J. Love, Matt Casarino, and Brian Turner.

Six is "sex" in German: Saturday, November 22nd, featuring Skip, Jill and Matt, Chris Turner, Brian Turner and Joe Trainor.

Seventh heaven: Saturday, December 20th, featuring Linda Walker, Steve Weatherman, JJ Booker and Pete Nellius from Long Walk Home, and Frank Bartkowski

Eight, eight, I forget what eight is for: Saturday, January 24, featuring Brian Turner, Will See, Joe Trainor, Pat Cali and Matt Casarino.

Number nine... number nine... number nine: Saturday, February 21st, featuring Chris Turner, Kris Szupa, JJ Booker and Pete Nellius from Long Walk Home, Jill Knapp and Joe Trainor.

Hang Ten: Saturday, March 20th, featuring Pat Nakajima, Jim Walker, Will See, Matt Casarino and Joe Trainor.

These Go To Eleven: Saturday, April 17th, featuring Kris Szupa, Jake Michael and BJ Sarkissian, JJ and Pete from Long Walk Home, Shawn Trainor and Pat Nakajima.

Happy Anniversary: Saturday, May 22nd, featuring "Songs We Wish We Wrote" performed by Knappucino's Favorites Pat Nakajima, Matt Hearn, Nick D'Argenio, Steve Weatherman, Brian Turner and Matt Casarino.

Knappuccino's Thirteen: Saturday, June 26th, featuring PJ Bruno, Brene Wilson, Tony Allen, and Brian Turner.

Knappuccino's the Fourteenth: Saturday, July 24th, featuring JJ Booker, Works in Progress, Paul Wentworth, and Will See.

Knappuccino's XV: Saturday, August 21st, featuring Pat Nakajima, Joe Trainor, and Long Walk Home.

Knappuccino's XVI: Saturday, September 25th, featuring Matt Casarino and Joe Trainor in their duet glory!

Sexy and 17: Saturday, October 23rd, featuring Paul, Louise and Claire, Brene Wilson and Chris Turner.

18 and finally legal: Saturday, November 20th, featuring Briz and Dennis, Ken Shiles Band and Brian Turner.

N-n-n-n-n-nineteen, nineteen: Saturday, February 26th, featuring Kris Szupa, Pat Nakajima and PJ Bruno.

As they say in Jersey: "Twunny": Saturday, March 19th, featuring Orion, Will See, Mira Dale and Long Walk Home.

Blackjack!: Saturday, April 23rd, featuring Tommy Murray, Pat Nakajima, and Matt Casarino.

XXII: Saturday, May 21st, The Songs We Wish We Wrote Show featuring Pat Nakajima, Steven Weatherman, Genevieve Van-Catledge, I Love You, I Love You, I Have a Headache , Christopher Turner and Brian Turner.

XXIII: Saturday, June 18, 2005, Our final show, featuring B'Gosh and The Industrial Jazz Group.

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